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We are so glad you found us! Please stay tuned for the follow up to our debut EP, Loose Canon!

Please help us support those impacted by COVID-19 

Hi, this is Ondine. I knew that I wanted to do the Tiny Desk Video contest this year, but I had a different song in mind. Then COVID-19 happened, and Pause was born. Once it emerged, I knew that I wanted it be able to do some good with it, so I'm asking you Fond Friends and Fans to help support PM Edition with this effort. We have added a Tip Jar feature to this page for that purpose. I know times are tough for many, so if you are unable to put anything into it, but you know someone who will be able to who may dig our material, please pass this webpage along to them so we can do some good together. The proceeds will be passed entirely to Delivering Good.

Wishing you all good health, comfort and joy,


Ondine xxoo

On "Pause" 


We truly hope that you all are staying safe, sane and strong. These are very strange times in which we are living. Ondine wasn't necessarily looking to write a song specific to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, but was hoping to finish other material that she had started. You know that old saying about how 'when you're not looking for someone, they find you' goes. Well, it wasn't someone, but a pretty big something. The new baby is called "Pause," and we entered in the NPR Tiny Desk Contest this year, our first ever, so it's a pretty big deal for us. You can find it on our YouTube channel. We offer our sincere thanks to James Lane of Hot Indie Media, who also shot the footage of our last outing at Shrine NYC, early March 2020.

Speaking of our YouTube channel; in order to get our own special PM Edition Band NYC URL, we need more of you to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Easier said than done, since they bury it until then! In the meantime, here's the link, please do go check it out. Here's the link: 


Ooh, one last thing: Ondine has also been a 'Repeat Offender' of late on the newly-revived *ReW & WhO*, renegade-style! It's been lots of fun, so be sure to tune in to *ReW & WhO* on Facebook live this coming Wednesday, April 29, from 6 to 8pm EDT.

Wishing you all joy and light,

Ondine and Keith

#AloneTogether During the Pandemic! 

We hope that everyone is staying strong, safe and sane during these unprecedented times. 

If you need a distraction, Ondine will be going live again today on the *ReW & WhO* Facebook page, many thanks to ReW StaRr for the kind invite.


PM Edition 

PM Edition is on the bill for the 4th Annual Iggy Pop Festival! 

Greetings Fond Friends and Fans, 

It's an absolute pleasure and privilege to have been invited to play the 4th Annual Iggy Pop Festival, being held at The Way Station this year. Along with our some of our own material which you know and love, we are covering an Iggy Pop song. Any guesses which one?

Speaking of our own material, what do YOU, Fond Friends and Fans, wish for us to include as part of our set list that evening? Please let us know, we're serious! And be sure to get there nice and early - 8 pm is when Miss Rina's kick-ass Zombie Punk Cabaret outfit, the one and only Flesh Junkies, kick things off as only they can!

See you with bells on at The Way Station, Saturday night July 13th, it's gonna be a BLaSt!


Catching Up :-) 

Greetings all,

It may seem like it's been pretty dang quiet here in PM land, it's actually been anything BUT. Keith and Rina have been busy with their usual multiple side projects, and I, Ondine, have been continuing to work on material. And then, injuries. Yes, injuries. Rotator cuff stuff that started innocently enough as a bicep twinge only days before the Loose Canon release show at Sidewalk NYC last year, mushrooming into an insane amount of rotator cuff inflammation. The good news is that there are no major tears, and with some cortisone and physical therapy, all should be sorted out soon enough. But wait--there's MORE! I managed to sustain a meniscus tear the day after Thanksgiving, which is set to be repaired bright and early tomorrow morning.

Despite the tear, I have somehow managed to cut a rough demo about a crush on one on my teen idols, and I look forward to polishing off more goodies to share with you all. Here's hoping for smooth recoveries, and that all is Bright and Beautiful in your respective worlds. See ya on the other side!



A quick check-in :-) 


Ondine here, checking in. We had a great time being part of the Divine Women showcase, hosted by the lovely Joan Caddell of Joan Caddell and the Midnight Choir and Phyllis Forman of Queen Tipsy. It was truly a marvelous evening. We've also had the honor of once again being featured on Grrrl Power Hour on www.luckystarradio.com. If you haven't checked them out, please do. Not only are they great friends and fans of PM Edition, but they really know how to put together a killer playlist of fierce femmes! Be sure to check them out on the first Friday of each month, from 10 to 11 pm, Eastern Time.

Wanna hear us on other outlets? We've had a couple more opportunities come across the radar and they call for fan participation: 

We are hoping to be featured as a future Metro.co.uk's Artist of the Day, which can only happen if you click the link and tell them why they should pick PM Edition-


Also, our music may soon be on air at A1Radio. Request our music please! ?❤️ Check it out here: http://www.a1radio.co.uk

We've also submitted music for Radio Airplay on Eye on Jamz with Sheldon Snow! Post on their wall to request PM Edition. http://www.ionindiemagazine.com/eye-on-jamz-radio

Finally, RT with #DustyFuton to help PM Edition get noticed and check out the #podcast http://thedustyfuton.com

You guys rock!! xxoo


Divine Women! 

Howdy Fond Friends and Fans!

We have exciting news! We've been invited to play as part of the Divine Women showcase, Saturday, May 19th, 7 to 9pm, at the Staten Island ArtSpace, 23 Navy Pier Court, 10304.

Please come join us for this very special evening - Tickets are $7 in advance and can be purchased at https://statenislandarts.secure.force.com/ticket#sections_a0F0V00000m6D6WUAU 
Tickets sold at the door will be $10 and cash will be the only accepted form of payment at the door.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Loose Canon is now also available on iTunes and Spotify! 

Greetings, Fond Friends and Fans! 

Let us start by thanking you for all that you do to show your love for those of us in PM Edition. It is really and truly, deeply appreciated. 

We wanted also to let you know that our debut EP, Loose Canon, is also available on iTunes and Spotify, because it has come to our attention that not everyone has a hard drive music player any longer -- one friend and fan shared with Ondine that he hadn't owned such a thing in TEN YEARS--so it's really important to us that if you are in the same position, that you also have access to PM Edition's releases. 

And speaking of the release, in just over three weeks, on Saturday 2/17, we will finally be having our celebration of the occasion at SideWalk NYC, which is an all-ages venue.  So save the date and come celebrate with us, because you know it's always fun when we get together! More official details to follow! 

Until then, stay warm and stay cool ;-) 

On behalf of PM Edition, 

Ondine xo

Tune in to Grrrl Power Hour, 10 pm tonight (1/5/18) on www.luckystarradio.com! 

Greetings Fond Friends and Fans,

Our friends at Grrrl Power Hour will be featuring PM Edition again tonight, and will be spinning tunes from our debut EP, Loose Canon. Be sure to tune in at 10 PM EST. You can use www.luckystarradio.com or the TuneIn App. 

And speaking of our debut, it looks like we are closer to a Release Party! We are booked at Sidewalk NYC for Saturday, 2/17-save the date!

All the best,

Ondine :-)

The release of our debut, Loose Canon, is imminent!!  

Howdy Fond Friends and Fans,

We are very excited that this is finally coming to fruition. We again offer our heartfelt thanks to everyone who got on board with the fan-funding campaign through Launchpad by ArtistShare, which concluded just about a month ago. We have a seven-track release coming forth for you, and it is only through your enduring support that this has happened.

Some of you have also reached out to place pre-orders, and we are so thrilled to continue to offer the incentives to those who have placed their pre-orders. But the order for pressing will be placed this week, and so the time for pre-orders is rapidly coming to a close. "So, how can I get my pre-order in?' you ask. Here's how- just look over the list of packages available and then send the payment for the desired package to pmedition@gmail.com through PayPal. If you are going in for anything involving t-shirts, please be sure to send an email indicating the gender and size, as we have both male and female cut tees. Sorry, at this time there are no tanks, as the ones offered through the company we used weren't up to what we consider suitable standards for our Fond Friends and Fans. So get your pre-orders in THIS WEEK--and those who have already done so, your swag is on the way! :-D

$10 or more- Download and Button: receive the entire EP via digital download with a PM Edition logo button. Shipping is included. 


$15 or more - copy of the EP and PM Edition Logo Button 
                        Shipping is included, too! 

$20 or more - Physical Copy of Loose Canon: Your very own copy of Loose Canon, signed by me, Ondine PM. Shipping is included 


$25 or more -CD with PM Edition Logo Button 
                       Shipping included! 

$30 or more - EP and Signed Art Print: a signed EP and a signed frameable print of the cover art for Loose Canon by me, Ondine PM :-) 

$35 or more - EP, Signed Art Print and PM Edition button: At this level you will receive a both a signed EP and a signed frameable print of the cover art for        Loose Canon, along with a PM Edition logo button, shipping included. 

$40 or more - EP, Signed Art Print, logo tee and button:  The Whole Kit and Kaboodle, with shipping included 

$50 or more - All the Stuff-and your name in the liner notes: Since you are willing to go the extra, you certainly deserve to be mentioned by name, plus you get the Whole Kit and Kaboodle at the $40 level.  

$75 or more - The Whole Shebang!: At the $100 level of contribution to this project, you get the Whole Kit and Kaboodle (signed EP and cover art print, PM  Edition logo button and logo T-shirt), your name in the liner notes and a handwritten lyric sheet for all the songs on Loose Canon.                                    Because you went above and beyond :-) 

$100 or more - Whole Nine Yards!  At this level of contibution is going the whole nine yards, you get the Whole Shebang plus a signed copy of demos. Shipping  is, of course, included. 

$500 or more - PM Edition, Live, at your house! At this most generous level, Ondine and the rest of the band come out to thank you in person, performing the songs from the EP, along with some other tunes from the PM Edition repertoire, including some fun covers! This incentive is subject to availability of Rina and Keith, and travel costs will need to be in addition to the base contribution outside of the immediate NYC area. Plus, you get all of the other goodies at The Whole Shebang level :-)

On behalf of myself and the rest of PM Edition,

Ondine PM xoxo

Previous events


PM Edition at Staten Island PrideFest!

Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanic Garden, North Meadow, 1000 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY 10301

Free! This outdoor event will showcase local celebrity entertainment, food, activities, merchandise, and numerous community organizations from all over the tri state area.

The stage at the Staten Island PrideFest Festival will bring you a day full of music and performances for everyone! With a line up of Staten Island natives and LGBTQ community members, rock bands, comedians, hip hop, drag acts, singer song writers and more..not to be missed!

Please help us support those impacted by the current COVID-19 crisis!

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