Catching Up :-)

Greetings all,

It may seem like it's been pretty dang quiet here in PM land, it's actually been anything BUT. Keith and Rina have been busy with their usual multiple side projects, and I, Ondine, have been continuing to work on material. And then, injuries. Yes, injuries. Rotator cuff stuff that started innocently enough as a bicep twinge only days before the Loose Canon release show at Sidewalk NYC last year, mushrooming into an insane amount of rotator cuff inflammation. The good news is that there are no major tears, and with some cortisone and physical therapy, all should be sorted out soon enough. But wait--there's MORE! I managed to sustain a meniscus tear the day after Thanksgiving, which is set to be repaired bright and early tomorrow morning.

Despite the tear, I have somehow managed to cut a rough demo about a crush on one on my teen idols, and I look forward to polishing off more goodies to share with you all. Here's hoping for smooth recoveries, and that all is Bright and Beautiful in your respective worlds. See ya on the other side!