Our Story

Music is so deeply ingrained in Ondine's being, it's hard to place a single moment when she caught the bug-was it all those times Dad blasted Hendrix near her playpen, so that she began vocalizing the opening chords to Purple Haze? Or when she began to learn the words to Three Dog Night's Joy To The World? Ondine just kept right on singing, and then she wanted to sing her own words so out came the pen and paper. Guitar came later. Even though she was initially discouraged by Mom--"You'll get ugly calluses on your fingers!"-Ondine has been wearing those calluses proudly, now with Mom's blessing. She draws her inspiration from a wide and varied palate of sound hues, from the British Invasion era, Motown, funk and soul; and TwoTone ska along with such artists as The Clash, The Jam, Sonic Youth, The Cure, Kate Bush, Suzanne Vega and PJ Harvey, U2, Cake, Spoon and The Velvet Underground. You can see Ondine really likes to mix it up! 
Ondine has been very privileged and honored to have a rotating cast of special guest musicians as her gigging rhythm section.