A quick check-in :-)


Ondine here, checking in. We had a great time being part of the Divine Women showcase, hosted by the lovely Joan Caddell of Joan Caddell and the Midnight Choir and Phyllis Forman of Queen Tipsy. It was truly a marvelous evening. We've also had the honor of once again being featured on Grrrl Power Hour on www.luckystarradio.com. If you haven't checked them out, please do. Not only are they great friends and fans of PM Edition, but they really know how to put together a killer playlist of fierce femmes! Be sure to check them out on the first Friday of each month, from 10 to 11 pm, Eastern Time.

Wanna hear us on other outlets? We've had a couple more opportunities come across the radar and they call for fan participation: 

We are hoping to be featured as a future Metro.co.uk's Artist of the Day, which can only happen if you click the link and tell them why they should pick PM Edition-


Also, our music may soon be on air at A1Radio. Request our music please! ?❤️ Check it out here: http://www.a1radio.co.uk

We've also submitted music for Radio Airplay on Eye on Jamz with Sheldon Snow! Post on their wall to request PM Edition. http://www.ionindiemagazine.com/eye-on-jamz-radio

Finally, RT with #DustyFuton to help PM Edition get noticed and check out the #podcast http://thedustyfuton.com

You guys rock!! xxoo