The release of our debut, Loose Canon, is imminent!! 

Howdy Fond Friends and Fans,

We are very excited that this is finally coming to fruition. We again offer our heartfelt thanks to everyone who got on board with the fan-funding campaign through Launchpad by ArtistShare, which concluded just about a month ago. We have a seven-track release coming forth for you, and it is only through your enduring support that this has happened.

Some of you have also reached out to place pre-orders, and we are so thrilled to continue to offer the incentives to those who have placed their pre-orders. But the order for pressing will be placed this week, and so the time for pre-orders is rapidly coming to a close. "So, how can I get my pre-order in?' you ask. Here's how- just look over the list of packages available and then send the payment for the desired package to through PayPal. If you are going in for anything involving t-shirts, please be sure to send an email indicating the gender and size, as we have both male and female cut tees. Sorry, at this time there are no tanks, as the ones offered through the company we used weren't up to what we consider suitable standards for our Fond Friends and Fans. So get your pre-orders in THIS WEEK--and those who have already done so, your swag is on the way! :-D

$10 or more- Download and Button: receive the entire EP via digital download with a PM Edition logo button. Shipping is included. 


$15 or more - copy of the EP and PM Edition Logo Button 
                        Shipping is included, too! 

$20 or more - Physical Copy of Loose Canon: Your very own copy of Loose Canon, signed by me, Ondine PM. Shipping is included 


$25 or more -CD with PM Edition Logo Button 
                       Shipping included! 

$30 or more - EP and Signed Art Print: a signed EP and a signed frameable print of the cover art for Loose Canon by me, Ondine PM :-) 

$35 or more - EP, Signed Art Print and PM Edition button: At this level you will receive a both a signed EP and a signed frameable print of the cover art for        Loose Canon, along with a PM Edition logo button, shipping included. 

$40 or more - EP, Signed Art Print, logo tee and button:  The Whole Kit and Kaboodle, with shipping included 

$50 or more - All the Stuff-and your name in the liner notes: Since you are willing to go the extra, you certainly deserve to be mentioned by name, plus you get the Whole Kit and Kaboodle at the $40 level.  

$75 or more - The Whole Shebang!: At the $100 level of contribution to this project, you get the Whole Kit and Kaboodle (signed EP and cover art print, PM  Edition logo button and logo T-shirt), your name in the liner notes and a handwritten lyric sheet for all the songs on Loose Canon.                                    Because you went above and beyond :-) 

$100 or more - Whole Nine Yards!  At this level of contibution is going the whole nine yards, you get the Whole Shebang plus a signed copy of demos. Shipping  is, of course, included. 

$500 or more - PM Edition, Live, at your house! At this most generous level, Ondine and the rest of the band come out to thank you in person, performing the songs from the EP, along with some other tunes from the PM Edition repertoire, including some fun covers! This incentive is subject to availability of Rina and Keith, and travel costs will need to be in addition to the base contribution outside of the immediate NYC area. Plus, you get all of the other goodies at The Whole Shebang level :-)

On behalf of myself and the rest of PM Edition,

Ondine PM xoxo

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