Loose Canon is now also available on iTunes and Spotify!

Greetings, Fond Friends and Fans! 

Let us start by thanking you for all that you do to show your love for those of us in PM Edition. It is really and truly, deeply appreciated. 

We wanted also to let you know that our debut EP, Loose Canon, is also available on iTunes and Spotify, because it has come to our attention that not everyone has a hard drive music player any longer -- one friend and fan shared with Ondine that he hadn't owned such a thing in TEN YEARS--so it's really important to us that if you are in the same position, that you also have access to PM Edition's releases. 

And speaking of the release, in just over three weeks, on Saturday 2/17, we will finally be having our celebration of the occasion at SideWalk NYC, which is an all-ages venue.  So save the date and come celebrate with us, because you know it's always fun when we get together! More official details to follow! 

Until then, stay warm and stay cool ;-) 

On behalf of PM Edition, 

Ondine xo